“The volunteers and staff were very moved, some even to tears, while watching the film. A ‘must see’ for all donation and transplant professionals. After the screening, I had follow-up calls from three people. One caller had a few more questions about altruistic donation and organ donation in general, and the other two wanted to contact someone in our area who had an altruistic donor program.”
– Lydia Stoner
Volunteer and Publications Specialist
LifeGift, Fort Worth

“We had an incredible time at our last meeting. Filmmaker Jan Krawitz joined us and presented Perfect Strangers, her remarkable film about a woman who gave a kidney to… oh, just anyone who needed it. The film was an intimate look into one human life, human heart, and one human kidney – and at the effect of the donation on the lives of others. The film was, above all, honesty and frank. Thank you for shining a light on the need for organ donation.”
– Monet Thomson, President
San Francisco Bay Area TRIO

“The American Association of Kidney Patients was so honored to have the movie Perfect Strangers shown at our National Patient Meeting in Las Vegas. The documentary tells the story of two women on a journey – one a life-affirming journey and the other a life-saving journey. The film touched the hearts and souls of many people in the audience and still today provokes thoughtful conversation.”
– Jerome Bailey
Communications Director
American Association of Kidney Patients

Perfect Strangers is a perfect tool for opening up conversations about living donation. Kidney disease impacts not only a patient, but entire families and filmmaker Jan Krawitz has done an exceptional job of capturing the intertwined journeys of a waiting patient, her family, and a willing donor while simultaneously touching on numerous topics that spurred rich discussion after the film. The film is educational on both emotional and intellectual levels. Donate Life Northwest hosted two screening for a broad range of individuals – medical professionals, dialysis patients, family members, as well as present and future living donors. The film kicked off new efforts in Oregon to save more lives through transplants from living donors.”
– Stephen Rice, Program Director
Donate Life Northwest

Perfect Strangers is a haunting portrayal of how an altruistic person comes to grips with the true meaning of charity; anonymous, selfless and with the faith that each one of us has the power to change at least one life and by extension the world.”
– A.H., living kidney donor
Transplant Games of America

“It was a real highlight of the Transplant Games to meet you and to see your documentary… Perfect Strangers is the perfect gift.”
– L.Z., wife of deceased donor
Transplant Games of America

“Thank you for sharing your splendid film yesterday at the salon.  The film is such an achievement—beautiful and moving and provocative. I also appreciated your thoughtful and informative responses to questions from the audience. I heard lots of great feedback afterward.”
– Valerie Miner
The Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Stanford University

Perfect Strangers is a powerful film that tells the story of an altruistic donor and her transplant recipient. In just 90 minutes, it winds you down the uncertain road of the transplant journey and tells the story beautifully from both the transplant and the donor perspective. The film accurately conveys the emotional highs and lows of both parties. It leaves you wondering how you could help a stranger in need.”
– Laura Frnka-Davis
Director of Communications
LifeGift, Fort Worth

“Jan’s movie fit perfectly into my Introduction to Ethics syllabus. The course introduces students to three dominant normative ethical theories (Utilitarianism, Deontology, and Virtue Ethics) and I used Perfect Strangers as a provocative case study for testing these theories and their application.  Several student evaluations noted the movie as a highlight of the course.”
– Margaret Scharle
Professor of Philosophy, Reed College