Resources Related to Living Organ Donation


“Why People Don’t Want to Donate Their Organs,” by Tiffanie Wen

“The Kindest Cut” by Larissa MacFarquhar

“We Have a Moral Obligation to Donate Organs” by Peter Singer

“The Gift” by Ian Parker

“An Organ Donor’s Generosity Raises the Question of How Much Is Too Much”, The New York Times

“Generosity won’t fix our shortage of organs for transplants”, The Washington Post

“It’s time to treat organ donors with the respect they deserve”, The Washington Post

“Our body parts shouldn’t be for sale”, The Washington Post

“The moral case for paying kidney donors”, The Washington Post



American Transplant Foundation

Donate Life America

Living Kidney Donors Network

National Kidney Foundation

National Kidney Registry

United Network for Organ Sharing

Waitlist Zero